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Looking for the cheapest way to see Iran and are exploring the option to rent a car? You've come to the right place. Iranvisions is the home to cheap car rentals and deals. With our selection of discount car rentals, you can cruise four corners of Iran without breaking the bank.

 Pick up a car rental in Iran and explore a gorgeous country packed with beautiful deserts, ancient castles and scenic cities. Boasting warm weather, welcoming people and tasty local delicacies, Iran is a wonderful place to visit.

Get to know a few of its magical monuments and cultural highlights, head to the huge deserts in Dasht-e Kavir for an unforgettable hike or take in the lovely landscape and historic villages of M asuleh and Meymand.

Choose between bustling metropolises and peaceful  villages to plan your perfect stay. From the city of Tehran and Esfahan to the gorgeous scenic byways in Western Iran , the sunny beaches in Persian gulf to the cool volcanic rock village,  Kandevan in Northwest.  there's a spot to suit everyone.


We recommend you to rent a car with driver, then you can do your stuffs and watch around, besides driving in Iran is not easy as there are many unwritten regulations among the drivers that you may not know.

as one of our clients has compared driving in Iran to a fish pond, a group of fish run into another group without any accidents!




TOYOTA Hiace  is one of the most popular vans in Iran, this van is 15-seater and has a standard roof, 4 door, 5-Speed Manual Transmission.

Although it is 15-seater but for long trips around Iran including the luggage and considering the clients' comfort it is good for a small group of 7-8 people


Since Toyota is imported and the import tax is high in Iran, it is considered as an expensive and luxury van, so the rate of rental is higher compared with other types of vans



This small van made by Italian IVECO company is assembelld in Iran and known as IVECO A32 , is cheaper than Toyota and a bit slower.


this van is 10-seater and run by diesel, it is not as fast as Toyota, but it is still good for trips around Iran, compared with Toyota van , the passenger area is bigger and wider.


We recommend this small van for a group of 4 to 7 people for long trips in Iran



DELICA van is a small 9-seater van that was imported to Iran 8 years ago, it's enginge is made by Mitsubishi Group and assembled in China .

It's not very comfortable and not very suitable for long trips, But it is recommended for city tours and short tours.

for long trips it can be used for a group of 4-6 people




This 19-seater Minibus made by Italian IVECO company is assembelled in Iran and is popular and has a reasonable price , so the rental rate of this minibus is lower than other vans . This van has a good aircondition and it is comfortable and good for long trips.

Although this van is 19-seater , but for long tris including the luggage , we recommend it for a group of 10-13 people




Van type









Rental fare per day 200 $ 190 $ 180 $

240 $



Looking for an idyllic trip? Book a cheap car rental in Iran and make the most of your stay?                    





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