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While Iran has a decent range of accommodation, the vast majority  of the hotels are pretty unispired both on the inside and out. Facilities in Iran hotels are fairly reliable, air conditioneers, fans, heaters and bathrooms usually work. But when booking a room you also need to be aware of how much street  noise there is, especially in big cities like Tehran and Esfahan, so if you are a light sleeper look for something away from a main road or at least at the back of the building.










In last 10 years many 5-star hotels were built in big cities in Iran . Most of new hotels are more like what you'd find in the West. There are a few 5-star


hotels built in the '70s by big chains and renamed after the revolution. In 5-star hotels rates for the stylish rooms include use of the gym, Jacchzi and pool ( on a sex-based rotation ). Prices at this range starts at about 160 US$














Most of the mid-range hotels are in the central part of the cities, but not in a noisy, grubby area full of cars. it means you'll have to walk further or take a taxi to go to a decent restaurant or to museums in bigger cities. All rooms have bathrooms, thogh some will have squat tolets, and most will have a fridge,TV and air-con. There is usually someone who speaks English to help you. Prices in this rang start at about US$ 40.











Almost all cheap places are in the southern part of the cities. Although these hotels are located near bazaar , most of them are nothing to write home about. There aren't  many decent restaurants nearby and not a lot of women around- though these hotels are not unsafe.










Traditiona hotels are old family homes. Rooms in these  beautifully restored homes are set around a courtyard with fountain, each of the rooms has bathroom, fridge,  TV and airconditions. It is almost impossible to find a traditional hotel in big cities, since most of the old buildings in big cities are replaced by new concrete buildings.

Not all of the traditional hotels are the same and offer the same service, some of them claim they are 4-star and some other say 5-star. but as these hotels are not bulit as a hotel and were actually old houses, there are range of bigger or smaller rooms , you should know which room to choose






Due to international sanctions, there is no direct booking for hotels. In rare cases if available they are much more expensive.

Hostels and guesthouses, generally do not take advance bookings. Other hotels do.

So you should either contact the hotel directly through email or telephone , or you can do it through us.


 If you are traveling in high season, make sure you have them booked in advance, at least two month before.

our experts will recommend you the good Hotels that meet your needs. It's easy, fill out the booking form,   our experts will contact you very soon and ask your expectations , suggest you a good hotel and book it for you.





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